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Star Naruto-rules
Group for all Naruto fans..Anime files download, Anime and Manga discussion, Polls and anything U wanna know bout Naruto..Have fun!!

Group Founder: gaara23
Description: Don't forget to post your Anime files too!!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 75
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (10)

go s*x and love (2) k.dollar
Welcome 2 the world of love and s*x--Sent on a phone using

go prettiest girL in village iS.. (17) ashiya13
hmm.. who's the prettiest girL in naruto w0rLd ?for me.. I just Like Hyuuga Hinata she's lovely but always ashame..

go Most weird character is ... (19) ashiya13
for me, n0 one else but Aburame Shino *yaiks*i wonder how it feels to have a residence of different kinds of insects in your body ..

go Anime or Manga?? (12) gaara23
Which one do you prefer more? Anime or Manga and why??

go Manga discussion.. (14) gaara23
Is Hinata really dead? Paine is pure evil, he killed Jiraiya,kakashi(mayb),shizune,fukasaku and now hinata too

go Join World of Ninjas (0) gaara23
*World of Ninjas*The new community i recently created...Join Its an Naruto community, where u can discuss Naruto anime, manga, games and make groups, join shinobi villages, ...

go Why do you guys like Naruto? (39) gaara23
Can you guys tell me why you love Naruto anime?

go Shippuuden movie 2: Kizuna (4) gaara23
New naruto movie is out watch it online or in DVD..its awesome..

go Hey!! Click Here (4) alex9113
Thank you. If you are a Naruto fan, Join NarutoFansOnly!

go Kogarasumaru (4) kagemaru
Pls join kogarasumaru group, we need ur cooperation, i hope we can get 4 stars there lyk funpics, pls be there, sayonara , goodbye

Photos (57)

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Files (13)

1 Rewrite- Asian kung fu generation
2 Sakura''s theme
3 Alone
4 Rewrite- Asian kung fu generation
5 Sen no yoru wo koete- Aqua timez
6 Alones- Aqua timez
7 FriEndsHiP
8 FriEndShiP
9 RIP Asuma
10 Naruto-kyuubi
11 Kakashi
12 Sasuke
13 Uchiha Madara


Polls (5)

go Who will be the 6th hokage naruto or shikamaru?
go Who is ur fav guy character?
go Who do you think is perfect match for Naruto?
go Who is Ur favourite Jonin?
go Who is Ur favourite Hokage?